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Ro·bot·ic Gam·ing™   (rbtik gmng)


    1. A game in which real-life, 3D, automated robots are in play with human controlled robots on a table top arena.

    2. A rich, infinitely variable gaming world hosted by a special, intelligent controller, and played with mechanized characters.

    3. Science fiction turned to science fact.

    4. The most amazing revolution in toys and games ever!

    5. The 21st century version of the video game.

    6. The virtual reality of video gaming made real.

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Welcome to the world of Robotic Gaming™ !- a revolution in gaming ! ! ! !  Robotic Gaming™ brings  a sophistication and richness to real-world toys that until now was only possible in the virtual world of a video game, but Robotic Gaming™ is NOT a video game! Robotic Gaming™ is played with real toys such as robots, cars, or a host of other toys. The first entry to Robotic Gaming™(developed by ChildLikes, Inc. in 2001), was called BOTSUMOä. In this game (as shown in this original concept sketch pictured at left) each of two robotic insects called called BUGZ™, wrestles to force its opponent out of a circle just as in Sumo wrestling. The gaming hub as it is called, can be seen at the edge of the play pad and houses the intelligence that moderates the game. What distinguishes Robotic Gaming™ from anything ever seen before is that the hub has the ability to pilot one or more BUGZ™.  A player can wrestle with a friend, or wrestle against the hub!

The hub’s ability to pilot a drone is enabled by what is known as the Sonic Positioning Systemä developed at ChildLikes. SPSä, as it’s called, allows the hub to ‘see’ the position of all the characters on the pad. Just as a human can steer an RC car by watching where it’s going and adjusting the controls accordingly, the hub likewise can see with SPSä to pilot a robot along a desired path. The only difference, is that the hub can do a much better job than a human! It is much faster, more precise, and more coordinated than a human, and can control many robots simultaneously!

The hub contains a processor programmed to pilot the drones and host the game, for example, keeping score, making sounds, etc. This is exactly the same type of functionality found in video games with one notable exception: a sophisticated graphics engine is not needed to display the characters; All the characters are real!

Given the capabilities of such a system, it’s hard to contain one's imagination of the infinite variety of different games that could be played. To the left is shown a soccer game including several BUGZ™, nets, and a ball. The pace of the game can be extremely fast and exciting given the ability of the hub to control its BUGZ™ with machine-like reactions. Two players can play using drone BUGZ™ as teammates, or two players could team-up and play against a team of drones! Another exciting game is Laser Tag. In this game, every BUG fends for him or herself, or teams can be formed. I think I’ll select some of the hub-controlled drones to be on my team!!!





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